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Fall and Winter Tree Care in Rochester NY

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Fall and Winter Tree Care

As you learn quickly when researching the topic, Autumn and Winter provide excellent opportunities for tree & shrub pruning and tree removal. However, here in Upstate and Western NY, after January 1st the window of opportunity shrinks as winter ice & snow storms may come and go for several months on end. So, plan properly to have your property tended to before the winter snows arrive in full force.

Why is Fall a Good Time for Tree Services?

After the leaves fall off and the branch network becomes exposed, the structure of the shrub or tree is revealed. Thus, it is much easier for proper pruning.

Additionally, for tree removal services, autumn often provides good working weather. While some homeowners enjoy pruning, many call a professional to have the job and mess taken care of without their direct assistance – nice and easy.

It is important to note that Tree Removal and Stump Grinding are both dangerous tasks unless you have the proper training and experience. It is suggested to always call a professional Tree Service Company for Tree Removal or Stump Grinding.
ArborScaper Tree & Landscape provides Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Rochester Tree Services by ArborScaper

You can always call the experts at ArborScaper Tree & Landscape in Rochester NY, as they are fully insured and have over 20 years experience in Tree Removal.