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New Rayco RG40 Stump Cutter for Professional Stump Grinding Services

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To enhance their complete line of Tree Services, ArborScaper Tree & Landscape has now purchased a new Rayco RG40 TracJr Stump Cutter for performing professional Stump Grinding services. ArborScaper Tree provides complete Tree Services for the Rochester region, including the surrounding 5 counties. ArborScaper Tree & Landscape is also fully insured for your peace of mind.

Complete Tree & Landscaping Services Require Stump Grinding

Rayco RG40 TracJr Stump GrinderAfter performing the highest quality Tree Removal, most property owners desire to have the remaining tree stump removed in order to bring their ground to a level plain once again. For years ArborScaper Tree & Landscape has provided Stump Grinding services utilizing various Rayco models, and this year the company has added a new Stump Grinder. Welcome the Rayco RG40 Trac Jr Stump Cutter.

When you need complete Tree Services the job often requires professional stump removal, and ArborScaper Tree & Landscape is just a phone call away. Serving Monroe County and the surrounding region for over 2 decades.

Rayco Products are Used by Professional Tree Services and Landscaping Companies

Rayco RG40 TracJr Stump CutterRayco is the leading US Manufacturer of Stump Cutting and Grinding equipment used by professional Landscapers and Tree Service companies throughout the country. When the job needs to be done right the first time, Rayco provides the professional equipment to get it done.

ArborScaper Tree & Landscape now utilizes a new professional-grade, self-propelled Rayco RG40 TracJr Stump Cutter, and yet this unit is small enough to fit through a 36″ fence gate. This versatile Stump Grinding machine is the perfect match for your tree stump removal project.

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate for Stump Removal & Stump Grinding in the Rochester region. Call Steve at 585-413-1388 or Email us, or fill out the Contact Form here.


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